April Blogging Challenge: Day One: Goals for this month

I recently came across a post for the April Blogging Challenge and decided to go for it! Here is the original picture here, if you’re interested!aprilbloggingchallenge

Day One is Goals for this month:

Well this month is exam season! So I hope to achieve lots of success with my exams, and then as soon as they’re done I need to start building my inventory for my Jewelry company ūüôā The launch is June 1st and I cannot wait.

I would like to make some DIY tutorials to post later in May, and of course keep up with my blogging!

This month will be the calm before the summer storm for me, I can already tell this summer is going to be insane.

I am taking summer courses, running my own business and getting married.

This is the most I have ever taken on at once so hopefully I can achieve it all without burning out!


what scares me most about starting my own business

As I’ve mentioned I’m starting my own jewelry company that launches in June. Today I am going to sign papers and it has me thinking about all of the things I fear most. 

  1. I’ll fail.  This is by far my biggest fear: failure. 
  2. People won’t take me seriously. I’m worried that people  will see me as a joke. 
  3. Nobody will buy anything, I know money isn’t everything, but it is important. As a student I’m risking the 4 months out of the summer I can make the most money by running this company. 
  4. People will hate my product. I’m worried people won’t like what they see. 
  5. I’ll start to obsess over it. While it is good to be focused I don’t want to make it my whole life, and neglect everything else. 

I am absolutely terrified. However I am also so excited to start this journey, I have always felt like I needed to follow the entrepreneurial path. 

Makeup Monday: My favourite makeup from Sephora

I have an issue with purchasing stuff from Sephora.. I’m trying to stop, and my lack of money at the moment is making it pretty easy! I really wanted to do a makeup look for today, but I am in a pretty big hurry for school/gym and a few wedding things. So I decide to do a list of my favourite things.

1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow: 

Only twice have I been able to justify spending $24 on a single eyeshadow, but the two I have purchased are phenomenal. The two colours I have are Pinky Copper and Exclusive. They go on so easily, very highly pigmented, and can be blended very easily.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow in Exclusive  From Sephora.com

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow in Exclusive
From Sephora.com

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow in Pinky Copper From Sephora.com

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow in Pinky Copper
From Sephora.com

2. Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush: 

If anyone ever asks me my favourite blush this is what I tell them. Every time. I have one that I have had for a long time, and I won’t need to buy another one, most likely for the rest of the year and I use it every. single. day. A little goes a long way. Shimmering peach is just such a beautiful shimmering tone, that is a good option for people who want colour, but aren’t a huge fan of blush.

Tate Airblush Maracuja Blush in Shimmering Peach from Sephora.com

Tate Airblush Maracuja Blush in Shimmering Peach
from Sephora.com

3. Buxom Hold The Line Waterproof Eyeliner:

Creamy. Intense. Smooth. Perfect. Absolutely Perfect. Worth every penny. What else could I say? Just go in to Sephora and test it, you will know what I mean.

Hold The Line Waterproof Eyeliner by Buxom in Call Me- Jet Black  from Sephora.com

Hold The Line Waterproof Eyeliner by Buxom in Call Me- Jet Black
from Sephora.com

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

I have had this pomade since August 2014 and I use it everyday. It will honestly last me for many more months without drying up and running low. If you saw mine you would think I bought it yesterday. I use it with an angled brush and it is perfect. It lasts, doesn’t smudge and there are many different shades.

DIPBROW Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills  from Sephora

DIPBROW Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills in Taupe
from Sephora.com

5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This is probably one of the more talked about mascaras, and with good reason. Speaking as a ¬†blonde, with very small, nearly invisible lashes, this is magic. It coats my lashes, and lengthens them wonderfully, if I use it with my eyelash curler it looks like I’m wearing false lashes.

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced from Sephora.com

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced from Sephora.com

Even though I try hard to stay away from pricer makeup, these are a few of the items I will always go back for.

What are your most expensive favourites?

Fashion Friday! What I want for Spring 2015: Plus Size

Where I live in Ontario, Canada it is currently -10! As I mentioned in Yesterday’s posed I wore a skirt outside because.. I cannot wait any longer for spring to come!

So while I wait I have been planning  Dreaming of my spring outfits. I am really into feminine shapes right now, lots of skirts and dresses, and I am also really into stripes!
Here are some of my favourite plus size pieces for spring 2015!

1. Skater Skirts: I LOVE skater skirts right now, I currently have this skirt in blue (because the black was sold out) and I absolutely love it!! It hits right at the smallest area of the waste giving a nice shape, and I love showing off my legs because they’re my favourite part of my body!

Classic Knit Skater Skirt  from Forever 21 Canada Plus Size

Classic Knit Skater Skirt
from Forever 21 Canada Plus Size

2. Striped Maxi Skirts: I really want one, I recently got a new denim jacket and I can already picture myself wearing it with a white tank and striped maxi skirt.

Women's Plus Foldover-Waist Maxi-Skirt in black and white striped

Women’s Plus Foldover-Waist Maxi-Skirt in black and white striped From Old Navy

3. Peplum Swimwear: This might be more for summer.. but I can’t stop dreaming of warm weather, and I have been coming across beautiful peplum bathings suits. I love the retro feel and the shape is very flattering

Peplum Natural Support One-Piece Swimsuit from Torrid

Peplum Natural Support One-Piece Swimsuit from Torrid

4. Striped Dresses: Again with the stripes! I know people say horizontal stripes aren’t flattering, but I love them so much so I guess I will wear them anyways, and besides I think that might be a bit of a myth (or maybe it depends on the type of stripe)

Let's Run Lines Dress from Mod Cloth

Let’s Run Lines Dress from ModCloth

5. Pastels: I know everything I’ve posted so far has been black and white, but I am also really digging pastels! Especially mint and blush, which it seems like the rest of the world is digging too.

Simple Divine Dress in Sage from Modcloth

Simple Divine Dress in Sage from ModCloth

What is on your dream fashion list for spring?


My first Brazilian Wax

so yesterday (Wednesday the 18th of March) I went for my first Brazilian wax. I am going to give you an account of my day! 10:00am 3 ¬Ĺ hours until appointment I’m excited. When should I shower. I want to wait as long as I can before showering. I’m going to google how to prepare for a Brazilian wax. 10:45 am 3 hours 15 minutes before appointment¬† Okay, I googled it. I should shower and exfoliate? Okay. I am meeting my friend at 12:30 so I’m going to shower at 11. What do I have to exfoliate? This should be interesting. 11:20-something am So I just finished showering, and I exfoliated… I used my Satsuma body polish from The Body Shop- which smells delicious, and almost made me forget about the torture I had signed myself up for. 12:30 1 hour before appointment Okay, it is -10, but I wanted to wear something flowy, so I chose my shortest blue skirt, I normally wear leggings-every day-so I decided it was a good idea to wear something not-so-tight afterwords incase I am sore 1:20 10 minutes before appointment¬† I started getting really nervous waiting, I might just be a big baby, but this is really starting to freak me out. 1:30-something So it begins: I meet my aesthetician, and she seems lovely. She escorts me into the room, hands me a towel and baby wipes, instructs me to undress from the waste down, and wipe myself off.. Then I am to lay on the paper over top of the spa bed. I lay down and begin to feel as though I am at the gynaecologist’s office. When she comes back in she explains how it is going to go: she tells me that it is a sugaring wax, not wax with wax strips- somehow it comforts me: its made of sugar, how could it possibly be painful? She begins by covering me with baby powder in order to absorb access moisture, which is there because I am sweating and extremely nervous (which she says is normal) I watch her as she reaches in and pulls a big glob of the ‘sugar wax’ out of the pot and starts manipulating it with her hands like silly putty. She warns be that she will be spreading it on 3 times and then pulling, she says it will be most painful in the front area, and less on the sides. So she starts with the sides. Okay first section: spreads it on, once, twice, three times.. rip. That wasn’t so bad, “was that the worst? Is it going to get worse?” I ask her “ahhh.. yes actually, that was the better section, but you’re doing great! I go quickly” Breathe Sarah, you’ve got this About 3 rips later she gets to the front, I know this is where it is supposed to be most painful, I know this but she doesn’t acknowledge it.. I know she doesn’t want me to freak out. Okay, Breathe, one spread, two spreads, three spreads¬†RIIIIPPPPP! It hurt. I’m not going to deny that. BUT It wasn’t awful, it wasn’t awkward, and I survived. She did a great job and it took a total of 20 minutes. It was much more thorough than I thought it would be. EVERYTHING from front to back has been waxed, completely hairless. I had no pain or redness afterwords, hopefully it lasts a while because it is expensive, but I would do it again. We will see how long it lasts! I would post a before and after picture… but.. thats not going to happen for obvious reasons.


Wedding Wednesday: My favourite wedding dress trends!

I LOVE wedding dresses! LOVE LOVE LOVE them

I already have mine bought, but I still love looking at them. There are so many different styles to chose from, different colours, different fabrics!

While wedding planning I’ve come across many different dresses and have composed a list of some of my favourite trends!

1. Tulle 

I love the look of tulle, it is just so soft and romantic, and tulle does not need to be in the form of a big ball gown, it can be A-Line, Mermaid etc., It is gives any dress an ethereal appearance.

Watters Kaliah Gown Photo from watters.com

Watters Kaliah Gown
Photo from watters.com

Watters Carina Corset Style  Photo From watters.com

Watters Carina Corset Style
Photo From watters.com

2. Detailed Back 

I love a detailed back, and it can come in many different forms. Details could be beautiful crystals, lace, a simple corset. or anything that makes the back extra special.

Watters Isa gown watters.com

Watters Isa gown
Photo From watters.com

3. Spaghetti Straps

I find I am seeing a lot of spaghetti straps returning to bridal fashion, finding it everywhere in bridal magazines. I personally opted to have two very tiny crystal straps added to my dress. They aren’t so big that they take away from the dress, but their presence still softens my very broad shoulders.

Vera Wang Odette  Photo From verawang.com

Vera Wang Odette
Photo From verawang.com

David's Bridal Style 9KP395 Photo From davidsbridal.com

David’s Bridal Style 9KP395
Photo From davidsbridal.com

4. Long Sleeves

Inspiration from Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian (I know I didn’t think I’d ever use the two names in the same sentence- but they both had stunning wedding dresses) have allowed long sleeves to become much more versatile. You can now go for long sleeves for a variety of looks:¬†¬†modest and elegant, vintage and even sexy.

Temperly in Florence Photo From  temperleylondon.com

Temperly in Florence
Photo From

5. Capes

I think we can all thank Elsa from Frozen for this one. I would have LOVED a cape with my wedding dress, but now that I have my dress picked out I don’t think it would really work. It would be so much fun to walk around with a cape behind you, definitely ¬†a confidence boost, just strut down that aisle like Elsa would.

Alfred Angelo Elsa Photo From  alfredangelobridal.ca

Alfred Angelo Elsa
Photo From

No matter what, I think the most important thing is to pick a style that feels good and looks good on you! With so many options in the world of wedding dresses there is a perfect dress to suit every unique personality.

What are your favourite wedding trends?


True Talk Tuesday: accepting who I am now. 

I always think to myself “I can buy this shirt when I’m thinner” “I will look good when I lose weight” “I think I would be pretty if I weren’t so fat

These thoughts need to go. There is nothing wrong with the desire to better yourself, but it isn’t healthy to only allow yourself to live once you reach your goals.

Up until this past month I would never think to dress up, I hid under baggy sweaters with no shape- trying to hide the parts I don’t like about myself. I love fashion, but I didn’t think I deserved to wear nice clothes. I just wanted to hide.

I’ve decide to change this, I bought myself some form fitting clothes that I love and forced myself to donate some of my baggy/shapeless clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing baggy clothes! I was just doing it for the wrong reasons.

I’ve decide to take care of myself and present myself how I would like to with the body I have now, not waiting until I have my ideal body.

I am in the process of learning to love who I am, and accepting my current body.


Makeup Monday: All ELF Everything

So for my very first Makeup Monday, I decide to try doing a look using all ELF products. I LOVE ELF. I use their Maximum Coverage Concealer, Cover Everything Concealer and Clarifying Pressed Powder EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a lot of ELF products, that I use with other brands, but I have never tried using only ELF.

word pressword press 3

On my face I used Cover Everything Concealer in Light, Maximum Coverage Concealer in Porcelain and Clarifying Pressed Powder in Ivory. I also used their Pressed Mineral Bronzer in Baked Peach,  Pressed Mineral Blush in Sweet Retreat and their Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls.

As I said before I LOVE The concealers and the pressed powder, the Cover Everything Concealer is perfect if you have acne prone skin like I do, and need something thick to cover up any marks. It goes on like a creamy paste and stays put all day. I used the Maximum Coverage Concealer as my foundation, works very well, full coverage and it is oil free! The Clarifying Pressed Powder actually has Salicylic Acid in it which is supposed to work to treat blemishes, I will say that as much as I love this powder as a setting powder I do not notice any difference in my blemishes (most likely due to the layers of makeup I have underneath of it) It does however create a lovely matte finish. The Baked Highlighter is beautiful, it is pretty intense so I don’t recommend it for people who don’t want an extreme highlight. The Pressed Mineral Bronzer goes on very smoothly, and has good pigmentation, however I am not a fan of the Pressed Mineral Blush, I found the pigmentation too intense for my preference.

On my eyes I used the Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow¬†(unfortunately I no longer have the sticker on the bottom with the exact shade, but it is a plum colour)¬†It is beautiful! Great pigmentation & staying power, it doesn’t take a lot and it has a beautiful shimmery finish (note it is a creamy eyeshadow) I also used the¬†Smudge Pot in Gotta Glow,¬†I LOVE ELF Smudge Pots and I think I have one in almost every colour, they’re nice and creamy and even work well as an eyeshadow primer. For eyeliner I used the¬†Mineral Eyeliner in Black, it is a very creamy eyeliner and it goes on so easily, and so smoothly I highly recommend it. I am not used to using an eyeliner pencil on my top lid, I normally used a liquid eyeliner, so I had a hard time using it on the top, but it is perfect for the waterline, and tight-lining. Finally I used the ELF Lipstick in Sociable. I love ELF lipstick, this one is from their Essentials line, but I also have some from their Mineral collection, and I will say that these lipsticks easily rival some pricer brands, they are wonderful to apply- however they do need touching up more frequently than the other brands.

I do not have an ELF Mascara so I used a inexpensive mascara from¬†Essence¬†it is their¬†Get Big Lashes Volume Boost in Black. I am from Canada, this brand can be found at Shopper’s Drug mart, I am not sure if it is carried in other countries, but it is another inexpensive brand. Their prices range from $1.99-4.99.


Beginning this blog

So… I have so many different things I want to talk about, but I need to find a way to structure it.

I was thinking I might do a day of the week for each topic..

Makeup Monday

True Talk Tuesday (talking about body confidence)

Wedding Wednesday

Freestyle Thursday (whatever is on my mind)

Fashion Friday

Any input on this idea? Totally new to this, but I love the idea of having goals each day! I think it will help me stay on track of this blog.


Hello world!

I don’t even know where to start! I probably should have planned my first post better. I guess I will introduce myself? My name is Sarah, I’m 22 I have so many different goals in life. I’m just looking for a place to start. So let me try to break everything down into categories. About me: I am pretty sarcastic most of the time, but I’m not cynical. I am a dreamer. I am always thinking of new things I want to do with my life, and I am just trying to figure out how to do them all. I want to have a life where everything connects. I am a university student (and tbh I HATE it) I only have one more year left, so I might as well finish it. I study psychology, mainly because that was what everyone else was doing. Back when I started university I was much different. I was a follower, now I just want to get that over with so I ¬†can do what I really love. Current situation: As I mentioned above I am almost done university, I am currently working on a line of jewelry to launch in June 2015. I am getting married in August (I know, I know I’m young) And even though I am getting married, to my best friend, I still have so much to learn and accomplish. We are not one of those couples who views marriage as the end goal, and we don’t view marriage as the ending of individuality. We both want to grow, and we both support each other in every way. It is an amazing situation to be in, and I could not ask for a better relationship. We both don’t want marriage to define us, and it won’t. We are getting married for many reasons, I will be blogging about that for sure. After university I plan to go to college to become a massage therapist, and also study aesthetics, I would LOVE to someday own my own practice where I provide massage therapy, and aesthetic services. I have also always wanted to write a novel, and I finally have come up with a plot I believe in, so I want to start working on that. Goals: Write blog. Successful jewelry launch. Become body confident. Write my novel. Become a massage therapist/aesthetician. Okay do you see what I mean when I say I have so many dreams? My blog is called Her Curvy Studio because I am a plus size girl, so I will be blogging about that, the studio part refers to my jewelry studio but also to my “inner studio” where I am building myself. I live in my inner studio, I am always dreaming things up, creating blue prints in my head, and trying to build them. I’m sorry this blog is all over the place (if anyone reads it at all) I am just too excited, and have so much to say. Until next time.